Fossil Fuels Act

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Fossil Fuels Act is a Liberalian Law

[edit] The Bill

Preamble: This is a bill to encourage greater take up of alternative forms of energy and downgrade the importance of fossil fuels. alternative forms to include nuclear power, wind, water and solar power. Plus any form of energy discovered in future that does not rely on fossil fuel for generation.

Clause 1: It is recognised by the people of Liberalia that Fossil Fuels will soon be a thing of the past. The damage that they inflict upon the environment is now well-documented, and it is important that the nations of Liberalia abandon these archaic chemicals in search of a more environmentally-protective form of delivering power to the region. We recognise that this is a pressing issue and requires the region to work together to combat it.

Clause 2: Liberalia will invest into researching new forms of power, while also perfecting existing forms of renewable and alternative energy sources. This will enable Liberalia to reduce its reliance on Fossil Fuels.

Clause 3: In order to reduce the current percentage of Liberalian energy generated by fossil fuel sources, a variety of renewable and nuclear sources will be used.

Clause 4:Companies working towards improving technological delivery of greener sources of energy, will receive tax breaks.

Clause 5:All nations are further encouraged to identify solutions to alternative sources of energy generation and share best practice for the furtherment of Liberalian technology advancement.

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